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Top 10 ACT Registration FAQs


When you want to register for the ACT, but you have about a million questions and just a few minutes to get a handle on it all, what should you do? You should take a look at these frequently asked questions and answers, that's what! Other students just like you have asked the questions before. Here's a list of the most popular ACT registration frequently asked questions. Scroll through to find out what you need to know before you register to take the test.

What are the ACT Test Dates?

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Obviously, there's no way you can take the ACT without knowing on which date to show up. Take a peek at these updated test dates, registration deadlines, and more right here.

When Should I Take the ACT?

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I know you've heard it all before – kids in middle school are taking the ACT so they're ready for it when it counts. But when should you take the ACT? Some of your friends are taking it this fall, but others are waiting for the spring! Your counselor tells you one thing, but your parents tell you another. Most of the kids in your class are taking it twice; some are even taking it three times. Should you? What's the best time to take the ACT in order to get the scores to your school of choice? You have lots of questions about when to test, and I've got the answers for you in this article.

Should I Register for ACT Plus Writing or Just the ACT?

Hoo boy. This is a tricky one. Many people will coach you take the ACT Writing test, where others will give you the advice to skip the essay and just go with the multiple choice tests. Which is correct? What's the reasoning behind the answers? Find out here!

How Do I Register for the ACT?

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You asked for it. You got it. Here is a step-by-step guide to registering for the ACT online with page-by-page instructions. Just print it out or open it up in a new screen when you're registering for the ACT so you know what to expect as you go through it. You must plan for at least an hour when you're registering – it's not a quick, simple process – and you must have certain things already in place before you register. Find out the details here!

How Much Does the ACT Cost?

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From registration fees to requesting a test center change, the ACT will charge you for just about everything. How much should plan to spend? Get the details about each one of those pesky charges here.

Can I Take the Test if I Miss a Registration Deadline?

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In a word: Yes! You certainly can. But there are some very strict rules you must follow in order to do so. This isn't like one of those tests where you can just show up and expect to get a seat. Nope. There's a long list of registration details you'll need to follow in order to become a standby tester for the ACT exam.

What if I Registered, But Didn't Take It?

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This registration question has everyone stumped! Many students are sending me emails asking what to do because they were sick on the day they were supposed to test. Will they get a zero? Will they get their money back? Do they need to register all over again for another test? How does it all work? The answers are here!

When Are ACT Scores Released?

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This is a very important question for those of you hoping to get into your first choice. You must get your ACT scores to the universities that you're considering in enough time for them to browse through them and offer you acceptance. Here's a list of the ACT score release dates from now through 2015. Enjoy.

Should I Take the ACT AND the SAT?

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Students ask me this one a lot, and there is pretty good reasoning on both sides. But, if you're interested in my opinion on the matter, check it out here. Here's a hint: these may both be apples, but they're definitely not equally as sweet.

How Do I Find Old ACT Scores?

For those of you who took the ACT a long time ago and are interested in knowing your score either to get into college or to satisfy your curiosity, then take a look at these steps that will get you your old ACT score as quickly as possible.

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