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What's a Good MCAT Score?

Average MCAT Scores for the Top Medical Schools


What's a Good MCAT Score?
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Good MCAT Score Basics

Average National MCAT Scores for 2011

Average National MCAT Scores for 2012

MCAT Score Frequently Asked Questions

What's a good MCAT score? Funny you should ask. Your MCAT score can range anywhere from a 1 (low) to a 15 (killer) on any of the three multiple-choice sections (or a 3 - 45 total):


The Writing Section essays are both scored twice between a 1 (low) and a 6 (high) and averaged. Then, the raw score is converted to an alphabetic scale where a “J” is the lowest and a “T” is the highest. Strange, but true.

Most often, the MCAT score is reported as an average of your three multiple-choice scores with the writing letter behind it. Like this: 10M. Sometimes, you'll see the total score, like this: 30. Often, the MCAT Writing score is left out altogether, and in fact, with the proposed changes to happen in 2014, the Writing portion may be dropped, anyway.

You'll have to do better than a 10, though, if you'd like to get into one of the top schools in the country.

See the table below for the average MCAT scores of 10 of the country's most illustrious medical schools, listed in their order as ranked by US News and World Report.

Average MCAT Scores for Medical Schools Ranked 11 - 25

Average MCAT Scores for Top 10 Medical Schools

Average MCAT Scores for Accepted Students
Medical School Verbal Biological Sciences Physical Sciences Average Total Score
Harvard 10.76 12.48 12.36 35.6
University of Pennsylvania 11 13 13 37
Johns Hopkins NA NA NA 38
University of California – San Francisco 11 12 12 35
Washington University – St. Louis NA NA NA 36
University of Washington 10.3 11.1 11.0 32.4
University of Michigan NA NA NA 34.20
Yale NA NA NA 36
Duke University NA NA NA 31.9
Columbia University NA NA NA 35.7
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