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Top 10 Places To Study

The Best Places to Study for a Test


I'm fairly certain we can all rule out a movie theater, a death metal concert, and a conga line as good places to study. So, where does that leave us? There are many good places to study for any test; you just have to look for three things when finding a good study place: comfort, appropriate noise levels, and information access.

Top 10 Places to Study

1. Library

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Gosh, it's always number 1, isn't it? Yes, it is. For those of you scared of the library and the nerd persona consequences, consider this: It's quiet – those hardcore librarians accept nothing less. It's comfortable – you can find any number of cozy chairs, table arrangements, and nooks to set up shop. It has great information access. HELLO? Books, the Internet, and people who specialize in answering your tough questions. What's not to love? The library is definitely top of the food chain in best places to study.

2. Your Room

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Studying in your room passes most of the qualifications of a good study place, unless you happen to have roommates, in which case, you may need to vacate. If you sleep solo, then your room is a great place to study. It's quiet if it's just you, you can be as comfortable as you like (studying in jammies has it's upside), and if you're plugged into the Net, then your info access is top notch.

3. A Coffee Shop

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Java while studying? How many ways can you spell bliss? A coffee shop is perfect for studying, unless ambient noise is a distraction for you, like it could be for auditory learners. Most coffee shops have WIFI, so you can access info with your laptop. Bonus? The baristas' music choices are almost always perfect for cramming some info into the old noggin.

4. A Bookstore

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Info access is at its best at a bookstore. Thousands of perfectly organized books and magazines are available to you if you're looking for a quick answer. Most big bookstores also offer a café, so you can pump yourself full of caffeine or panini for some brain food while studying. Plus, bookstores in general aren't large crowd gatherers, so you should have some relative peace and quiet when you pull out the old textbook.

5. The Park

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Vitamin D and your perfectly organized notes from class. Ahhhh. Nothing more relaxing, right? Perhaps not, but if you've been cooped up in a classroom and you need to see some green, consider taking yourself to the park for a study session. You could probably find an available signal for your laptop, and nothing says ambience like chirping birds, wind rustling through leaves, and sun on your shoulders.

6. A Classroom

If you're worried about distractions from friends in the library, then consider taking yourself into an empty classroom to study. Sure, it's not as comfortable as some of the other places to study, but information access is prime, especially if you find a teacher popping in and out. Plus, if you need 100% quiet during your study time, then this is a great option for you.

7. A Study Partner's House

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One of the overlooked places to study is at your study partner's house. First, you're getting the benefit of working with someone else who shares your same goals. Second, you have the benefit of information access without having to look anything up online – you can ask your study partner who's in the same class as you. Third, your study partner may be able to concoct a great milkshake. You never know.

8. A Community Center

Community Center

If the library is too far away from your house, but a community center (like the YMCA, for instance) is pretty close, then head down there for a quick study session. Most community centers have rooms you can use for studying, and since exercising is a great way to relieve test-day stress, then you can just hop on the treadmill afterward for a quick run and call it a day.

9. A Tutoring Center

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Finding good places to study is the easy part; maintaining your focus while studying is often the tough part. If you're one of those people who find it difficult to study, then heading to a tutoring center could be right for you. Sure, it'll cost you a little bit of cash. But when you're bringing home the GPA you really want, it might be worth it.

10. Share Your Best Study Spot

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If I missed a great place to study, share your favorite places to study with the rest of us, and read some other great places to study posted by students just like you.

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