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How Much Does the ACT Cost?

2014 Pricing


How Much Does the ACT Cost?
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Question: How Much Does the ACT Cost?

2014 ACT Cost and Fees


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How many greenbacks is the ACT test going to set you back when you register for the ACT? Here's the breakdown:

  • Basic ACT registration fee is $36.50, which includes score reporting to four colleges, your high school and you.
  • Basic ACT registration plus Writing fee is $52.50, which includes everything the Basic fee does, but includes the fee for the optional Writing Test (essay).
  • 5th and 6th college choice fee is $12 for each school.
  • Late registration fee is $23.
  • Standby testing is $45 in addition to the Basic fee, if you missed registration for some reason 
  • Test date change fee is $22 in addition to the Basic fee.
  • Test location change fee is $22 in addition to the Basic fee
  • Test Information Release Service is $19.
  • International Testing is $33

That's not too bad, considering the money you could make with an excellent ACT score.


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