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What's a Good ACT Score for Top Universities?


What's a Good ACT Score for Top Universities?
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Question: What's a Good ACT Score for Top Universities?

If the answer to the question "What's a good ACT score?" has you awake at night, then read the info below. You'll understand whether or not you need to schedule a retake to get the ACT score you really want.

Each section on the ACT – English, Math, Reading and Science – can earn you anywhere between a 1 (low) and a 36 (high). Your final ACT score (also between 1-36) is the average of those four scores. What does this mean? If you're great at Math, but need help with Reading, your composite ACT score can be much lower than it needs to be.

Obviously, not everyone is going to get that perfect ACT score, a 36. So what is a good ACT score? What do the colleges require? Where do you fit in?

On average, 75% of students attending the absolute top universities in the country are scoring in the upper 20's. 25% of the students attending your top universities are scoring in the upper low 30's to 35/36.

National ACT score averages look like this for 2012

  • Average Composite Score: 21.1
  • Average English Score: 20.5
  • Average Mathematics Score: 21.1
  • Average Science Reasoning Score: 20.9
  • Average Writing Score: 7.1

Need specifics? Check out the tables in the links below to see how students attending your school of choice are scoring.

Good ACT Scores

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