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TOEIC Speaking Test

Part One of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test


TOEIC Speaking Test

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The TOEIC Speaking Test is the first part of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Exam, which is different from the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test. So what's on the TOEIC Speaking Test? Read on for the details, provided by Nandi Campbell with Amideast.

The TOEIC Speaking Test is designed to measure a person’s ability to communicate in spoken English in the context of daily life and the global workplace. The test is composed of eleven tasks and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The range of ability among English learners who will take the TOEIC Speaking Test is expected to be broad; that is, both very capable speakers and speakers of limited ability can take the test.

The test is designed to provide information about language ability to speakers across a range of language proficiency levels. To this end, the tasks are organized to support the following three claims:

  1. The test taker can generate language intelligible to native and proficient nonnative English speakers.
  2. The test taker can select appropriate language to carry out routine social and occupational interactions (such as giving and receiving directions, asking for and giving information, asking for and giving clarification, making purchases, and greetings and introductions).
  3. The test taker can create connected, sustained discourse appropriate to typical daily life and the workplace.

How is the TOEIC Speaking Test Scored?

What's On the TOEIC Speaking Test?

QuestionTaskEvaluation Criteria
1-2Read a text aloudPronunication, intonation and stress
3Describe a pictureAll of the above, plus grammar, vocabulary and cohesion
4-6Respond to questionsAll of the above plus relevance of content and completeness of content
7-9Respond to question using information providedAll of the above
10Propose a solutionAll of the above
11Express an opinionAll of the above
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