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Reading Comprehension Test Tips, Practice and Strategy

If your reading comprehension isn't up to par, or you need to help another improve his or her reading comprehension level, then feel free to use these reading test tips, worksheets and strategies.
  1. Author's Purpose Worksheets, Tips and Strategy (6)
  2. Combined Skill Reading Comprehension Worksheets (34)
  3. Inference Practice, Tips and Strategy (8)
  4. Main Idea Practice, Worksheets and Strategy (15)
  5. Vocabulary In Context Worksheets, Strategies and Tips (9)

Reading Comprehension Questions
Reading comprehension occurs on almost every standardized test. Prepare for it with these reading comprehension questions. Read a passage, then check your reading comprehension with these questions. You'll be glad you prepared when you sit for the test!

How to Avoid Common Main Idea Mistakes
These three tips will help you avoid making those main idea mistakes on your next reading test, because (let's face it) finding the main idea of a passage is tricky!

How to Find the Implied Main Idea
Sometimes finding the main idea is tough because it's an implied main idea - we have to infer the point the author is trying to make. Here are the 4 steps to finding the implied main idea, which should help you on any reading comprehension section.

Reading Comprehension Worksheet 3 Answers
Here is the answer key to my reading comprehension worksheet 3. This won't make too much sense without completing the reading comprehension practice questions on the worksheet 3 first, so get to it!

Main Idea Worksheet 3 Answer Key
Here, you'll find the answer key to the main idea worksheet 3, which is where you read several paragraphs of various content and answered questions following each paragraph.

What is an Inference?
When you need to infer something on a reading practice test, do you know what to do? If you're unsure of what an inference actually is, then you'll have a difficult time making one, huh? Here's the definition of an inference and tips for making them on reading tests.

Inference Practice 2 Answers
Here are the answers for the Inference Practice 2 worksheet. If you've answered the questions already, then take a peek at the correct answers and explanations, here.

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