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Test Registration Information

Do you know when you're supposed to complete your test registration? Missing a deadline could jeopardize acceptance to your school of choice. Check below for registration details like deadlines, dates and fees for all the major standardized tests.

Top 10 SAT Registration Questions
Got an SAT registration question? So do lots of students your age! Here are nine of the most popular SAT registration questions with answers to help you out during the process.

2014 ACT Score Release Dates
If you are wondering when your ACT score will be available, these ACT dates will come in handy. The ACT score release dates are here, along with info about ACT test registration, other ACT dates, and more.

2014 - 2014 LSAT Test Dates
Check out this link for the 2014 - 2014 LSAT test dates, along with the registration deadlines and score release dates, too.

2014 - 2015 SAT Score Release Dates
If you've taken the SAT, but need to know when you're getting your SAT scores back, then pay attention! Here are the most updated 2014 - 2015 SAT score release dates, along with SAT dates for registration, and more SAT FAQ's.

2014 - 2015 SAT Test Dates and SAT Registration
Looking for 2014-2015 SAT registration info? Here it is: the SAT test dates, score release info and more.

The Low Down on Standardized Test Registration
Are you taking the GRE, SAT, ACT, or another standardized test? Then you need to understand test registration and the test registration process. Get fee explanations, test dates, and more test registration information here.

2014 GRE Registration
Here are the 2014 GRE registration details that will help you get prepared when registration time comes along.

2014 PSAT Registration Details
Planning to take the PSAT? Here are the PSAT test dates for 2014 along with fee information and registration details.

2014 - 2016 ACT Registration and Test Dates
Need 2014 - 2016 ACT registration info like ACT test dates, fees and other ACT registration information? Check them all out here!

2014 LSAT Registration
If 2014 LSAT registration is high on your list of priorities, then these LSAT registration facts will help you reach your goal. Check here first before completing your LSAT registration online!

2012 MCAT Registration
Need the 2012 MCAT registration info? Check here for 2012 MCAT exam dates and times. You can't take the MCAT without the MCAT registration details!

2014 GMAT Registration
Check here first before completing your 2014 GMAT registration! Find the GMAT fees, ways to register and test date info here!

2014 TOEFL Registration - Complete Your TOEFL Registration Here!
Check here first before completing your 2014TOEFL registration! You'll find test dates, fees, registration deadlines and more!

2014 TOEIC Registration and Test Dates
If you'd like to take the TOEIC to further your career, then you must get details on TOEIC registration and test dates. Good news! TOEIC registration details abound here, and you can even register to take the TOEIC online through this site.

2014 - 2015 SAT Subject Test Dates
If taking an SAT Subject Test like Literature, Chemistry or French is on your list of things to do, then here are the 2014 - 2015 SAT Subject Test dates to get you started.

2014 -2015 LSAT Score Release Dates
Here are the score release dates for the LSAT in 2014- 2015!

SAT Registration Questions - What are your SAT Registration Questions
Have an SAT Registration question you just can't figure out? Post them here, and I'll answer them personally! Plus, follow the link for other popular SAT registration questions.

Test Registration & Scores
So, you've decided which tests you need to take, but now you need to see about test registration. Oh, and test scores! What's a good test score? How do you register? These questions and more are answered here about the major standardized tests you'll see in your educational career.

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