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SAT Critical Reading

Critical Reading on the SAT: The Basics


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SAT Critical Reading Basics

So you’re not a big fan of Anna Karenina. So you used Spark’s famous Notes for your novel project in Honors English last year. So what? You're still going to be tested on the Critical Reading section of the SAT. It's just one of the three sections on the SAT test, along with Writing and Math, but it's the one in which your score can be boosted the most by a little practice.

SAT Critical Reading Stats

  • Contains two 25-minute sections
  • Contains one 20-minute section
  • 67 questions total in those three sections
  • Two question types
  • Can earn you between 200 and 800 points, or 1/3 of your SAT Score.

SAT Critical Reading Average Scores

I know, I know. One third of your SAT score is a lot to stake on reading! The good news is the average Critical Reading for students taking the test in 2010 was a 501. See? No one is perfect.

SAT Critical Reading Question Types

As I stated before, you'll have two types of questions to complete on the CR section:

SAT Critical Reading Practice

If SAT CR has you a little mystified, then take a look around my SAT Practice Tests Page for some SAT Critical Reading practice sure to help you prep for the big day!

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