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The SAT Writing Section

What's On the SAT Writing Test?


The SAT Writing Section

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SAT Writing Skills Basics

Before you get all worried about the SAT Writing test, let me just remind you that it is just one of the three sections on the SAT (the other two: Math and Critical Reading). Good news, right? Before I let you off the hook completely, though, here's what you will have to know to do well on the SAT Writing portion of the SAT:

SAT Writing Stats

Here are the fun facts to know before you show up to take this thing:

  • Contains one 25-minute essay
  • Contains two multiple choice sections – one 10-min. section and one 25-min. section
  • Tests grammar, mechanics, and word choice
  • Contains three question types on the multiple choice sections
  • Can earn you between 20 and 80 points, or 1/3 of your SAT score.
  • The multiple choice sections account for approximately 70 per cent of your overall SAT Writing score and the essay accounts for about 30 per cent of it.

SAT Writing Average Scores

Here’s the good news: the average SAT Writing Skills score for 2010 was a 492 so most of your fellow SAT-takers are getting about half right, half wrong. Getting a great Writing score requires some work, but it isn't impossible!

SAT Writing Questions

On the multiple choice sections, you'll be answering the following three types of questions:

The SAT Essay

The component of the SAT Writing exam that accounts for 30 per cent of your overall SAT Writing score is your SAT essay. So, it's in your very best interest to practice, practice, practice and learn how to write a great SAT essay before test day.

SAT Practice

So, in order to prepare for this section, you'll need to take an SAT Writing practice test or two. Check out some free SAT writing practice questions online to help you prepare for this section!

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