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5 Free SAT Apps Worth Downloading

Don't Pay the Cash Until You Check These Apps Out


Unfortunately, not all apps for the SAT exam are created the same. Some of the SAT apps out there that you can download can be completely awful, as a matter of fact. Full of glitches, pricey upgrades, and incorrect answers, one look and you think to yourself, "This is not going to help me at all. Why did I bother?" Other apps, though, due to adaptability or likeness to the test are incredibly helpful. The good news is that not every good app costs big bucks! Here are some of the best free SAT apps to help you get ready for the big day.

Other SAT apps that are not so free, but still fantastic

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1. The Official SAT Question of the Day

Getty Images | Bally Scanlon
Maker: The College Board

User Ranking: 4.5/5 stars

Features: If you like the "a little bit every day" kind of approach, and you're willing to start early, this app can definitely help! Here, you'll receive a question each day from all three sections of the SAT - Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. You can browse through last week's questions along with your answers, and read thorough explanations for every wrong choice. Bonus? The app comes from the maker of the SAT test themselves – The College Board – so you know the questions you're getting every day are spot on.

2. IntelliVocab lite for SAT

Maker: Faqden Labs

User Ranking: 4.5/5 stars

Features: If you struggle with vocabulary, and hate vocab flashcards like nobody's business, then this app is just your thing. It's adaptable, meaning it uses algorithms and web semantics to figure out the best way to quiz you. The more you practice, the more the app learns about the types of vocabulary words that will trip you up. Although it only has 290 words in the lite version, learning those 290 words will increase your chances of scoring high on the SAT Writing (including the essay!)and Critical Reading sections, for sure.

3. SAT Up

Maker: Score Beyond

User Ranking: 4.5/5 stars

Features: This app is currently ranked #16 in the iPhone under education and #8 for the iPad. They have a bigger following than even the official SAT app! It replaced the "Ace the SAT" app which was designed specifically for the math portion. SAT Up prepares you for every section on the SAT with detailed analytics, step-by-step explanations, and over 400 questions. It also gives you the standard formatted SAT score at the end of each quiz and even a percentile score for students entering the college of your choice, so you can estimate what you might achieve on the real deal and the competitiveness of your score, too.

4. SAT Connect

Getty Images | Emmanuel Faure
Maker: Watermelon Express

User Ranking: 4.5/5 stars

Features: Formerly $24.99, this app is not staying free for very long. Even at the full price, this app is worth it because of the sheer number of tools: 7 diagnostic tests, 4,000 words, over 1,000 fully-explained test questions and a ton more. Not only will you get real-time feedback, approximate SAT scores and time performance, you'll also get a baseline percentile compared to other app users. Plus, the user interface is kinda snazzy. Nothing is more boring than staring at a plain, white black and white app. This app offers color and vivid imagery to keep you interested.

5. iPredict

Getty Images | Ashley Jouhar
Maker: Sourcebooks, Inc.

User Ranking: 3.5/5 stars

Features: Although this app is just a one-time use kinda deal, it's definitely worth the download! Here's why! Designed by Gary Gruber, one of the leading test prep experts in the country, the app purports to gauge your readiness level for the SAT based on 18 questions that you answer. After completion, you'll receive problem-solving strategies you need to review and SAT sections that could use more work. Truthfully, I'm not sure whether 18 questions can ascertain your future score in its entirety, but it certainly can give you a reference point for future prep.

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