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Test Basics: Content, Question Types, and More!


If you're taking a standardized test like the GRE, SAT and the other major types of tests listed below, this page has all the basic information for you: test content, test sections, question types, and more. See below for information that will help you get a grasp on these types of tests.
  1. The PSAT
  2. The ACT
  3. The SAT
  4. The GRE
  5. The GMAT
  1. The LSAT
  2. The MCAT
  3. The TOEFL
  4. The TOEIC


Your guidance counselor already scheduled you to take the PSAT - you might as well get a good PSAT score, right? You may even get a scholarship or two out of it. Who knows?


Girl taking test

You've studied for four years of high school, gotten good grades, and tried your best. The question plaguing your mind is, "Can I get into college?" Taking the ACT, and acing it, is one way to help yourself out. Here are the ACT basics to get you started.


Taking Test

Your future is waiting for you! Are you prepared to reach out and claim it? The SAT is one way to grab that destiny of your dreams, so here's the lowdown on what you need to know about it.


You did it! You made it out of undergrad. The thing is...you want more. The GRE is your first stop to grad school, and below, you'll find the basics to master this test.


If you're a business-minded student thinking about getting that MBA, then the GMAT is your first step. Read the basics about the test, GMAT tips, and more to get you on your way.


The LSAT is one tough nut to crack before you plunge into law school. Can you master it? Before you can even try, you'll need to know what you're facing. Read here for the LSAT test sections and much more!


If you've always dreamed of becoming a physician, then take a gander at the MCAT basics below. Here, you'll find some tips, the test format, and other articles to help you score your highest.



The Test of English as a Foreign Language can be tough! Do you know what to expect? See the details, here!



Here's the basic information you need to succeed on the Test of English for International Communication.

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