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Why Should I Take the SAT?

What Are the Best Reasons to Take the SAT?


Why Should I Take the SAT?

Many high school students are asking themselves this question: Why should I take the SAT? That's a great question, and there are some very good answers to it! Read below to see the benefits you can get from making the choice to take the SAT.

Take the SAT Because It's Universally Accepted

If you're going to college, you kind of have to take a college entrance exam like the SAT if you're attending a school that requires one (some do not). All major universities in the United States accept the SAT as a college entrance exam; most accept the ACT. Should I take the SAT or ACT?

Take the SAT For Money

Scholarships, kids! Yes. Money often follows an impressive SAT score. So, check into your college of choice's SAT scholarship requirements, and practice for the SAT until your fingers bleed. Trust me, you'll appreciate not having to pay back school loans when you're all grown up.

Take the SAT To Balance A Low GPA

So maybe you hated your World History teacher, flunked the class to spite her, and ruined that 4.0. That doesn’t mean you don't have the brain skills to survive college. Scoring high on the SAT can show off your smarts to the college admissions team when your GPA doesn’t.

Take the SAT Because Your Scores Follow You Around

I’m not kidding. When you apply for your first entry-level job, your SAT scores (if they're good enough) are going to be on your resume, because truthfully, your pizza delivery gig can’t showcase your reasoning ability like a 2010 on the SAT can. Take the SAT to prove to your first future employer that you have the smarts to be successful at your job.

Convinced That You Should Take the SAT?

Here are the Top 10 SAT Registration Questions to get you started on your SAT journey. Good luck!

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