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What's a Good GMAT Score?


What's a Good GMAT Score?
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Question: What's a Good GMAT Score?

If you've been asking yourself the question, "What's a good GMAT score?" and haven't yet figured out the answer, this page may help.

Basic GMAT Score Info

When you finish the GMAT and get your official score report in the mail, you'll see scores listed for the following sections. If you're chomping at the bit to find out how you've fared on the test right after you take it, you can record your scores immediately after your testing session and receive the unofficial Verbal, Quantitative, and Total scores, but not the Analytical Writing nor the Integrated Reasoning sections, because they are scored independently.

  • Analytical Writing: Can earn you between a 0 and a 6 in half-point increments. It is not factored in your overall score. The mean score is typically right around a 4.42
  • Integrated Reasoning: Can earn you between a 1 and an 8 in single-digit intervals. Like the AWA, it is not factored into your overall score, but appears as a separate entity on your score report. The average score is a 4.26
  • Quantitative: Can earn you between 0 and 60 points. Scoring less than a 7 and above a 50 is rare. The average is right around a 37.
  • Verbal: Can earn you between 0 and 60 points. Scoring less than a 9 and above a 44 is rare. The average is right around a 28.
  • Total Score: Can earn you between 200 and 800 points. Most test-takers score between 400 and 600, but your score needs to be considerably higher than that if you're going to a top-ranking business school.

Good GMAT Scores

Business schools do not have a cut-off score for acceptance as they look at the whole applicant including your interview, admissions essay, recommendations, work experience and GPA along with your GMAT score. If, however, you're interested in attending a top-tier school, you need to be sure that you're at least scoring in the range of marks that others who have been admitted have scored. To help gauge that number, take a peek at the school's middle 80 per cent of student applicants. What are the majority of admitted students earning on the GMAT? If you're in there, then there's a good chance your score will be high enough to merit the second phase of the admissions process.

GMAT Scores By School

GMAT Scores for Top 10 Business Schools

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