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Test Tips by Exam, Practice, and Resources


Everyone has to take a test at some point. These test tips will help you manage to get the test score you'd really like. So when you're doing your test prep, read these general test tips and product reviews. Then, take a practice test or two to help you succeed.
  1. Apps For Speedy Test Prep
  2. Ace Your Reading Test
  3. Studying Alone
  4. Studying With Others
  5. The Savvy Tester
  6. Hone Your Skills in Class
  1. PSAT Strategies and Practice
  2. SAT Strategies and Practice
  3. ACT Strategies & Practice
  4. Help for Grad School Exams
  5. TOEFL and TOEIC Practice
  6. Testing Technicalities

Apps For Speedy Test Prep


Not everyone wants to lug a giant book around or attend a test prep course. Here are some apps to help you prep for that test or subject on the go.

Ace Your Reading Test

Studying in Library

Whether you're just taking a reading test in school or trying to pass the Critical Reading section of the SAT, these tips will be sure to up that reading score.

Studying Alone

Learn how to study here, with scores of studying scenarios. Do you have days to prepare? Months? What's your study situation? Here's the study goodies that'll help you get the score you deserve

Studying With Others

Here's how to survive studying in a group, with a friend, with your child and more!

The Savvy Tester

Whether you're sitting for the MCAT or just taking the pop quiz your teacher just threw at you, these general test tips will help you get a better score. After all, isn't that what every tester is after?

Hone Your Skills in Class

Being a good student has a lot to do with how you work in your class. Use these classroom skills to improve your grade, and hence your GPA.

PSAT Strategies and Practice

High School Boy

Getting ready for the PSAT in October? Here are some goodies to help get you through the test with a score you're proud of!

SAT Strategies and Practice

boxing gloves

Knock out the PSAT first, then land a roundhouse punch squarely on the nose of the SAT with these test tips and practice tests!

ACT Strategies & Practice

Girl taking test

What's going to help you ace the ACT? These tips and practice tests!

Help for Grad School Exams

Young man with books

Taking the LSAT, GRE, GMAT or MCAT? Check out the practice tests, books and strategies below sure to help you score your highest on these major tests.

TOEFL and TOEIC Practice

Taking an English language test? No problem. Check out these sample questions and practice quizzes to help you prepare!

Testing Technicalities

Confused Woman

Ever wonder about the word "rubric"? What's a weighted score? How do score percentiles work? Find out here!

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